Streamlined Professional Hemp and Cannabinoid Product Manufacturer.

We take pride in offering a fortune 500 company-level experience in an emerging market. We are poised for long-term viability with our lean and automated manufacturing processes in Arizona. The savings we pass on to you give you a leg up in a saturated and expensive market. We advise and consult in helping to formulate products that work. We want you to succeed just as much as you do.

Focus on Quality

We have the capabilities to market and drop-ship products direct to your customers. Our state-of-the-art distribution centers allow clients to cut back on unnecessary inventory costs and lengthy lead times, providing an economical solution to operations. Our 360 marketing and brand strategy services are curated to enhance your digital presence and give you the edge amongst your competitors. We’ll give you the reach and awareness you need to make your stance in the industry. Count on us to formulate products and create brands that drive REAL growth and REAL results.

Our Vision

Our vision and company mission is to make cannabinoids as common as Ibuprofen. We are here for the long-term, creating products that really help people. Under this foundation, we have earned the #1 recommendation of Cannabinoid Manufacturing from CBD Auditors. Our client’s products have won multiple awards including this year’s Kush Kup for the best kief wrapped preroll.